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On September 5-11, 2016 a group of military Veterans will be walking 93 miles through Yosemite National Park & 22miles to the small town of Mariposa, CA totaling 115 miles in 7 days. The reason for the hike is to help inform their brothers & sisters in arms along with the public about their Veterans who are taking their own lives each day.

Currently we have teamed up with 22toomany.comIMG_0100. Each hiker will carry on the outside of their ruck a picture of a military member who has taken their own life. Some Veterans marching are working on dealing with their own post war issues and want to stand tall, to allow others to talk to them and know there is another way to deal with the pain.

We need the funds by June.  Funds will be used for purchasing the Camp Grounds the night before the hike begins, buying the food for the  8 walkers, purchasing and rental of additional equipment, such as 2 water purifiers and 8 bear proof containers, the booth at the Mariposa County Fair from 2-4 September 2016, marketing, such as flyers & two additional banners, and catering at the finish line for the last nights supper. All left over funds will be placed back into the fund raiser.

As a 21 year veteran with 3 tours in Iraq as an Infantryman, I myself am dealing with my own PTSD issues. This event will not only mean so much to me, it will be a heartfelt thank you to the countless others still hiding in the shadows.