The Home Selling Process Do you want to be a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? Consider these facts: 9% of sellers in 2010 sold themselves. 42% of those sales were to family members or people they knew. Sellers using an agent had an average sale price of $215,000. Unrepresented sellers had an average sale price of $172,000

89 percent of sellers sold with the assistance of a real estate agent, up slightly from 88 percent the last three years, and only 8 percent (down from 9 percent) were FSBO sales. The share is the lowest since this data collection started in 1981. Among those who chose the FSBO route, 38 percent knew the buyer who bought their homes and 62 percent did not know the buyer. Where FSBO sellers knew the buyer, the time on market for the home was usually one to less than a week and sellers received 99 percent of the asking price. The median age for FSBO sellers is 56 years. Every home seller must eventually decide whether to hire a REALTOR® or to sell the home on their own.