It can be hard to put a price on your home, especial up here in the Mountains. Each home is unique and has its own story to tell. The best way to come up with a comfortable number is to look at active and sold listings of similar homes in your area. If you combine this research with a local real estate agent’s knowledge, you can confidently price your home to sell.

Things to consider when deciding on a price for your home.

1. Look at recent sales.

Markets change quickly, so find comparable sales within the past three months. If you go back too far, the prices and sales will be irrelevant to today’s market, however here in the mountains we use a broader spectrum for sales.

2. Renovations matter.

Buyers prefer renovated homes with neutral finishes. If your home isn’t updated, it’s not going to sell for as much or your home stays stale on the market.

3. Each home is unique.

Just because a home similar to yours sold for $300,000 doesn’t mean that your home will sell for $300,000. Layout and flow matter to buyers. If the other home’s kitchen was closed off from the living area, and your home has an open concept kitchen/living area, you’ll be able to price your home for more.

5. Visit open houses.

Today’s Real Estate selling consist of online and in person. In return this is a great way to increase your homes visibility online and in person.  An open house is a great way to increase its visibility and bring in people who might not have made an appointment for a personal visit. Stay informed.

5. Get info from your real estate agent.

Top notch real estate agents know their market inside and out. They can likely explain things that don’t make sense to you, and they can offer tips to help make your home more valuable.