As our days become more app. this, app. that and tech cool, to tech savvy. Here are some home building trends that are starting to take the new with the old.

Solar panels

Recent improvements in solar technology have transitioned solar panels from an expensive, fancy technology to an actual reality for many homeowners. Solar panels are already making waves in home roofing. People often express interest when the time comes to redo their roof (that’s the perfect time consider adding panels).Here in Mariposa you can visit Offline Solar to learn more about how solar can help you.

Smart homes

Alexa. “Turn on the lights.” Could be the new phrase. Home automation is a growing trend. Each year, new companies roll out novel technologies to help people better manage their homes. These companies try to address needs that people never even knew they had. New devices are constantly entering the marketplace, and new homes are frequently equipped with these technologies.


Energy efficient windows

Energy efficiency will continue to be a powerful trend with windows in the future, as glass films and coatings make windows better at heat and cold insulation. Glazing giving windows a frosty appearance with the flick of a switch might be the next new development in windows, as more and more manufacturers experiment with this technology.

Barn and Pocket doors

Barn doors offer rustic charm to a home while also remaining functional, which is why people love them. From closet doors to room dividers, barn doors are quickly becoming a popular trend in new homes. Pocket Doors are ideal for the flexibility of interior planning, where a shining door or wall-mounted sliding door might lack clearance to move. A sliding pocket door much like a barn door are great for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, pantries, closets and areas where narrow hallways also restrict swing door movement.