In recent years several online articles have been written about buying your own haunted house, however, actually finding a genuine paranormal home is not that easy. When a home is being sold, the agent is required to disclose that information to the prospective buyer. That doesn’t mean the Realtor has to disclose the information in the property description, only in the disclosures to the party purchasing the home.  There are numerous articles pertaining to finding the right haunted house, but having one listed as Haunted in either the FRESNOMLS or CRMLS has proven to be difficult or non-existent. I did call the MLS’s and they too indicated that it had to have been disclosed, but searching keywords such as “Haunted” or “Haunted House”  to see if it was publicized or private, turned up negative results. Never fear, as, in true entrepreneurship, there is someone who is in this niche.


Through my amateur research skills, along with the billion-dollar search engine, I was able to come up with Bonnie Vent, who has 20 + years of experience and is the owner of San Diego Paranormal Research. On her website, you can find potential Sellers who are looking for homes in a specific area or Nationwide. Now that you have found your home, and if you’re not paying cash, you will need a loan. I talked to several different loan officers here in the Fresno, CA area and they indicated that there aren’t any extra steps needed to buy a haunted house that would be used as a primary residence. Where it got interesting was talking to homeowner’s insurance agents and appraisers.

In some hauntings, there are cases of pipes bursting, kitchens catching on fire, and even subflooring being torn up. You would need to understand the depth of your haunted home to help indicate any additional coverage you might need. The insurance agents indicated that as far as they knew, there aren’t any disclosures requiring you to tell them the house is haunted. The caveat is if you file one too many claims the insurance company could end up dropping you, in other words, be careful on what you claim and how you word the cause of damage by your “guests.”

Buying a haunted house is like any other home buying process, plus the add-on of a paranormal investigator. Outside of Bonnie, I also found Dana Matthews who has her own How-to Guide on Buying a Haunted House. Either one of these women, or others like them in their field, could help you understand the depth of your new home’s haunting.


When selling, you need to know who your market is and how to reach them. The good news is there is a niche for every home on the market and if you wanted to sell your home as a haunted house, there is a website for that. Knowing where your would-be buyers go, it might not be a bad idea to visit Bonnie’s website to place your home’s information there. Her site will send you a questionnaire to fill out and part of that is to indicate the type of activities that are happening such as:,

“There was a lot of activity that occurred when a 5 year old clairvoyant girl was staying in the house.  She said there was a boy who would tease her and play mean   games with her in the closet.  She told us his name was Crystal.  Research shows there was a Chris Towle who died of the plague in 1832 at the age of 8.  Voices have been heard, unexplained touching and many cold spots.  Doors have rattled, music, lights, and TV turning on by itself. There have been sightings of a woman in a blue dress and dishes rattling in the night in the in-law apartment.  Doors will be opened that were closed.”

You could be selling a stigmatized property, defined by the National Association of REALTORS, as “a property that has been psychologically impacted by an event being one that has no physical impact of any kind.”   The realtor will need to, of course, disclose this information. Within three years and the circumstances of that death is material (gruesome, offensive, or affected the reputation of the property) and must be disclosed. Then again you are selling a haunted house so, even if the events occurred past the three years, these are expected to be additional selling points for you. However, being the seller, you could be asked to elaborate on the types of incidents that have occurred in the home.


Congratulations on selling or buying your home. As a new homeowner, your decision could be rough on your family and on your personal life. Of course, as the night of Old Hallows Eve approaches, some of the local kids might try to catch a peek of the ghost and end up peeking in on something else. You could always open the house during Halloween, but sometimes your house guests get upset with the extra foot traffic. Then, there are the professional and amateur paranormal investigators who could be reaching out to do an investigation of your home.

For the most part ghosts or those from beyond, are more like Casper, than the Hollywood version they are portrayed to be. You are buying a home that is meant to create memories of a lifetime. Enjoy.

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